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  • A Brighter Day with Fr Andrew
    Isaiah 9:2, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.”

    “A Brighter Day with Fr. Andrew” is a show that comes to lift up your spirit and make you feel more cheerful and hopeful. Your host, Fr. Andrew, discusses different topics and presents them in a ... Maggiori informazioni
  • A Fool's Errand by Matthew D'Antuono
    What is the meaning of life? What is the nature of existence? Why am I here? What is real happiness? The big questions. Are there answers to these questions? In a world where we are bombarded by fuzzy and faulty non-thoughts by the media and society, this book provides an inspirational and accessible introduction for newcomers to the ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Air of Christ Radio
    This series of shows from Air of Christ Radio were gifted to WCAT Radio for syndication by Dominick Pepito of Alpha International Enterprises. https://www.alphainternationalenterprises.com/
  • Author-to-Author
    Categoria: Libri
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    "Author to Author with Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson" is a one-hour weekly interview show. Each week, Dr. Cynthia will invite a recently published author to talk about his or her book(s), the writing process, future writing projects, and other issues of interest to authors and their followers.
  • Bereavement Miracles
    ​​Hello everyone, I’m Mike Frey, your host, I want to welcome you to my Bereavement Miracles program of recovery. The Bereavement Miracles program is a 12-step systematic approach to unity and hope when dealing with the loss of a loved-one. My intent of this 12-step program is to help our listeners begin their journey towards healing by ... Maggiori informazioni
  • By His Wounds We Are Healed
    The title for this series of reflections is based on the words of the prophet Isaiah [53:5] promising the healing of Israel; words which Peter echoed, referring to Christ, in his first letter, “By his wounds, you were healed.” [1 P 2:21-25].

    Peter’s joyful proclamation may harken back to his remorse for having denied the Lord on that ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Canon Law with Msgr. Ramacciotti
    Msgr. James Ramacciotti, a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, explains Canon Law in three sets of lectures concerning General Norms, Procedural Law and Juridic Structures.
  • Catholic Mysticism
    Welcome to Catholic Mysticism where Al Bielawski talks about the supernatural aspects of our faith, the Saints and other related subjects
  • Catholic Seasons
    This is a program of seasonal shows in the Catholic World, such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Triduum, and Easter.
  • Christian Democracy
    Jack Quirk and guests discuss contemporary political, social, and economic affairs in light of the Magisterium and Catholic social teaching.
  • Come Alive in Jesus! - A Solemn Novena by Bishop Robert J. Hermann
    Bishop Robert J. Hermann, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, delivered nine homilies on the occasion of the Solemn Novena to our Lady of Mount Carmel that have been adapted for this book. Beginning with a response to God’s Call to Holiness, Bishop Hermann teaches us how to imitate Mary in allowing God to enrich ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Cry Oneness
    Cry Oneness
    99 Puntate
    A program with Joe Avalos to encourage people to share their experience with God - their miracles, their music, their poetry. Share your life! http://cryoneness.org/
  • Destination: Sainthood
    It's the task you were born for: “Become a saint, and do so quickly,” urged Pope Saint John Paul II. “Destination: Sainthood” helps us to respond to this integral but overwhelming call by reminding us that running towards that difficult and worthy goal is the race we unworthy sinners must join, through the grace of God and the ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Discovering Sacred Christian Art
    Dr. Michela Ferri will accompany you on an audio-visual tour of the discovery of the origins of what we call "Sacred Christian Art". While you will listen the talk, Dr. Michela Ferri will invite you to search on your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone for the images on which she will be commenting.
  • Duc in Altum
    Duc in Altum
    53 Puntate
    Luke’s Gospel tells the story of the fisherman, Simon Peter, who had fished all night in familiar waters, but had caught nothing. Christ commands him, “Duc in Altum,” that is, “push out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch.” Although skeptical, Peter does just as Jesus commands. Out in the deep, he catches so many fish that his ... Maggiori informazioni
  • En Route Books and Media
    This is a repository for all En Route audios designed to promote the mission of the publishing company, which is no other than the spiritual journey home.
  • Extraordinary Catholic w/ Joe Indelicato
    A show offered by Joe Indelicato co-sponsored by the Catholic Education Foundation, the State of the Cross in Buffalo, NY, and now WCAT Radio in St. Louis, MO.
  • Faith and Sport
    Faith and Sport
    Categoria: Sport
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    Faith & Sport: Our goal is to bring an everyday sports-talk show to Catholics and Catholic-radio
    listeners, but with character, morality, and ethics as a regular part of the conversation.

    Some former guests include Frank Reich (Head coach - Indianapolis Colts), Joe Delamielleure (NFL
    Hall of Famer), Fr Chase Hilgenbrinck (former MLS ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Faith & Science in Catholic Schools
    The Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology interviews Catholic school teachers who demonstrate that there is no conflict between faith and science in their teaching and learning environments.
  • Fire Away
    Fire Away
    58 Puntate
    Tune in to “Fire Away” with Carlos Bersabe, brought to you by Catholic A.M.M.O., ​
    ​where we’re locked, loaded, and ready for battle with today’s hot topics.
  • From the Ambo with Fr. Dominic Ibok
    Fr Dominic Ibok shares his homilies as a source of renewing his rural parish community and a source of faith formation.
  • Fr. Simon Felix's Homilies
    Fr. Simon Felix Michalski, prior of the St. Dominic Priory in St. Louis, MO, offers his homilies.
  • Holy Apostles in Cromwell, CT
    Holy Apostles in Cromwell, CT, is a dynamic Catholic liberal arts college and seminary devoted to the formation of future priests and leaders in the Catholic community. The goal of Holy Apostles is to cultivate Catholic leaders for evangelization. We welcome and serve seminarians, lay students, as well as religious sisters. Holy Apostles ... Maggiori informazioni
  • If You Know Mary, Then You Know Jesus
    This program offered by Bob Cantoni will help you know more about Mary, the Mother of Jesus
  • Inter Vitam et Mortem
    Inter Vitam et Mortem is a forum established by Mary Anne Urlakis to promote discussion of Bioethical topics from a Catholic perspective.
  • I Thought You'd Like to Know
    A show featuring very interesting people who have a message for you.
  • I Thought You'd Like To Know This, Too
    A show featuring very interesting people who have a message for you.
  • Just Plain Theology
    This program was offered by Natalia Juzyn on location in Rome for the purpose of engaging interesting people in and around the North American College.
  • Know Your Faith with Robert Madrigal
    This is a forum hosted by Robert Madrigal for people who know their faith and source for people who want to know their faith.
  • La Lingua di Dante con Ferri e Crawford
    In this series, Dr. Michela Ferri and W. Russell Crawford read the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri in commemoration of the 700th anniversary of its publication between 1314 and 1321.
  • Life in the Spirit with Bob Olson
    A program offered by Bob Olson, Joe Brisson, and Gene Dion where you can learn about a new life in the Spirit. God the Father offers a new life to all. Jesus came into the world to bring us God's life. Jesus surrendered to the spirit during His baptism in the Jordan and promises to unleash the source of new life, the Holy Spirit.
  • Living the Gospel of Life
    Catholic evangelist Leticia Velasquez leads us in a discussion of the how John Paul II's "culture of life" provides a real solution to addressing the problems of the culture of death to which our secular society has committed itself.
  • Mater et Magistra
    "Mater et Magistra," a Latin expression which literally means "Mother and Teacher," has long been used to refer to the authority that Christ Himself bestowed upon the Church, in entrusting to her the Petrine "Keys of the Kingdom." Christ made a solemn promise to Peter and each of his validly elected ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Mater et Magistra: The Glories of Mary with Jayson Brunelle and Keith Berube
    A show offered by Jayson Brunelle that presents a Marian doctrine, devotion or Church-approved apparition, and explains both the Scriptural and Magisterial basis for the doctrine/devotion/apparition and its theological, historical and the practical aspects.
  • Medieval Church History - Msgr. Witt
    Recorded in the studios of Covenant Network with Theresa Holman in Saint Louis, Missouri, Msgr. Michael Witt, professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, shares with us the history of the Medieval Church.
  • Modern Church History - Msgr. Witt
    Recorded in the studios of Covenant Network with Theresa Holman in Saint Louis, Missouri, Msgr. Michael Witt, professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, shares with us the history of the Modern Catholic Church.
  • My Thots with Michael Brinda
    My Thots by Prof. Michael Brinda, author of Parish Management and Operations: The Buck Stops Here, is a collection of short presentations given in various venues on a variety of topics.
  • Parish Management and Operations
    How often have we heard the sayings, “It’s harder than it looks” and “If it were easy everyone would be doing it”? These sayings were never more appropriate than when they are applied to the field of parish management and operations. Every how and why detail in parish management and operations . . . is in fact a lot harder than it looks.
  • Polycarp's Paradigm
    A program by Catholic evangelist Eric Robinson that is uniquely contributing to the conversation on faith and spirituality from the perspective of the Early Church Fathers and a modern-day Catholic convert from Evangelical roots. Support the work here: https://www.patreon.com/polycarpsparadigm
  • Practical Catholic
    Welcome to “Practical Catholic” where David Suess, will discuss how practical, Catholicism is in our lives and making Catholicism Practical to live
  • Purified by Fire with David Suess
    "Purified by Fire" with David Suess, who will show how practical the Catholic Church is to building the peace, love and joy in family and work life while deepening their relationship with God through the transformative power of Catholic spirituality, sacraments and Church teaching.
  • Rivers of Living Water - Mary Schwarz
    A show offered by Mary Schwarz about how to grow in holiness and have an intimate relationship with God. Jesus said in John Chapter 7 "If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink and out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."
  • Ronda Chervin's Radio Journal
    Ronda Chervin's Radio Journal is the next evolution of Ronda Chervin's blog, which may be found at http://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview.html
  • Ronda View
    Ronda View
    84 Puntate
    Every week, Dr. Ronda will meet with friends who have read her book The Way of Love to share on insights and graces of the week. At the end of each session Ronda will describe a book of hers published or distributed by En Route Books, the sponsor of WCAT Radio
  • Signum Today
    Masters-level theology course mixed with a night at the bar with your bff.
  • St. Louis: From Canoe to Cathedral, V.1
    Recorded in the studios of Covenant Network with Theresa Holman in Saint Louis, Missouri, Msgr. Michael Witt, professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, shares with us the history of the Saint Louis, Volume 1.
  • St. Louis: Lion and the Fourth City, V.2
    Recorded in the studios of Covenant Network with Theresa Holman in Saint Louis, Missouri, Msgr. Michael Witt, professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, shares with us the history of the Saint Louis, Volume 2.
  • St. Paul's Letters to America
    Written almost 2,000 years ago, the letters of St. Paul are timeless, expressing messages and themes that could just as easily have been directed to the people of America today as they were to their originally intended audiences. In this program, your host will explore current issues in the light of such messages and themes.
  • Sunday School with Pat Flynn
    Welcome to Sunday School, a weekly segment of The Pat Flynn Show, where we chat on the foundations and fruits of Christianity, covering apologetics, philosophy, and theology to better root your understanding of the Christian faith and more effectively equip you to evangelize and share the message with reason and confidence.
  • Take the Joy: The Web of Ronda Chervin
    This is an audio collection from the philosophical spirituality website of Ronda Chervin.
  • The Armor Of Faith
    The Armor of Faith is a show offered by Doug Bonebrake and friends that explains that if we do not know our faith, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the one who seeks to take it from us. ​Feel free to write us at armoroffaithradio@gmail.com. Blessings!
  • The Catholic Mama
    Learn how to deepen and defend your faith, find comfort as we share the vocation of parenthood and marriage and learn how to raise your children confidently Catholic.
  • The Church Fathers-First 12 Generations
    Recorded in the studios of Covenant Network with Theresa Holman in Saint Louis, Missouri, Msgr. Michael Witt, professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, shares with us the history of the Church fathers.
  • The Examined Life with Phil Kallberg
    The Examined Life is a show in which host Phil Kallberg applies the methods, logic, and rationality of rigorous philosophy to the problems and issues of society, life, the universe, and everything.
  • The Lost Voice Programme - Stute&Nelson
    The Lost Voice Programme engages contemporary society with classical philosophy and its application to the faith, the family and the world through conversation, interviews, and general camaraderie.
  • The Messenger with Tony Szalkiewicz
    A show offered by Tony Szalkiewicz featuring messages of amazing things happening in the Catholic Church. This show is on hiatus and reruns will run weekly in this slot.
  • The Mystery of Israel and the Church
    Dr. Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri, in partnership with The Association of Hebrew Catholics, offered for over a decade a Fall and Spring lecture series on various themes within The Mystery of Israel and the Church. This show has them all. For ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Then Sings My Soul - Annabelle Moseley
    Poet, author and professor Annabelle Moseley shares how to live sacramentally, attuning our senses to God's beauty, transforming our joys and pains to great purpose... even in a secular and divided world.
  • The Open Door
    The Open Door
    136 Puntate
    The Open Door with Dr. Jim Hanink and Friends

    Some history of the show: The Open Door, the longest running of the WCAT Radio shows, was established in October, 2016, by Lt. Colonel Albert E. Hughes (USAF Retired) holds an MS in Systems Management (with distinction) from the Air Force Institute of Technology, an MM in Pastoral Ministry ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Two Wings
    The faculty at Holy Apostles, a small liberal arts college and seminary in Cromwell, CT, will use this station platform each week to deliver and discuss one idea on which they're working that draws together faith and reason. The format is set up to resemble a conference paper - 20 minutes of presentation by the faculty member ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Voice of Hope - Tabora
    1 Peter 3:15, “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.”

    “The Voice of Hope - Tabora” is show about how we Catholics should live our lives reflecting our faith, “the realization of what is hoped for” (Hebrews 11:1), which has been taught to us by Christ and his disciples. The first half ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Tony's 50,000 Co-Incidence Miracles
    Our book is changing lives every day.  It is having a wonderful effect on people’s lives every day. We receive many comments from people who are so impressed that they go out and purchase books for all their family and friends to read.

    This audio book sets forth the simple and easy steps it takes -- to become a friend of God and to have ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Treasures in Heaven with Bill Ayles
    Treasures in Heaven, hosted by Bill Ayles, is about seeing our lives and our future life through Christ's invitation: "store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven." With this invitation we are "asked" to answer relevant questions. Why did Christ give us this invitation? What are treasures in Heaven? How do we ... Maggiori informazioni
  • True Wealth
    True Wealth
    45 Puntate
    True Wealth, with hosts Dave Basconi and Maria Smith, is a spiritual show about real life living.
  • Vows, Vocations, & Promises
    What is a your vocation? Marriage? Religious Life? The Ministerial Priesthood? The generous single life? Each of us is called to the primary vocation of holiness- to know, love, and serve God and to live our eternal destiny with God in joy; yet each of us is called to live out this universal call to holiness in a unique way. Tune in to ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Why Catholicism is True
    "Why Catholicism is True" is a show that advances the position that God Exists, and that this can be rationally demonstrated. We further affirm that God as “the sole, ultimate reality” is far more plausibly true than alternatives offered in other religions or its opposite in atheism. That Jesus Is God, and that the evidence ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Why I Am Still Catholic w/ Ronda Chervin
    ​2:00 pm Eastern - "Why I Am Still Catholic" with Dr. Ronda Chervin - Are you a Catholic who is wavering about the faith? Are you a Catholic who has left off coming to Church? Or, are you a strong, practicing Catholic who knows people who are wavering or have left the sacraments? This is the program for you. Listen to ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Word of Mouth
    Word of Mouth
    Categoria: Cultura e società
    25 Puntate
    An evangelization program in which Michael Horn interviews someone in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and talks about the beauty and wonder of evangelization and how the individual lives evangelization in his own life and the power of his or her personal witness.
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